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    CLSC Raiders Pack

    No other team screams West Coast like the Raiders.. What grew out of the 90's Gangsta Rap era was a uniform and attitude never seen associated to a team before. We partnered with Active Rideshop to celebrate that feeling in the form of a capsule, done with the CLSC twist of course. The CLSC Raiders Pack is now available at your local Active Rideshop and online via the CLSC webstore!  // Photography by: Kacey Lynch  






    CLSC Fall 17 Lookbook

    We are creatures of habit... a trait that naturally forces us away from the only constant in our lives: change. Despite our tendency to resist it, we're reminded of it's certainty with the advent of Fall. The air gets colder, the days get shorter, leaves lose color and fall to the ground ...and although we try to ignore it, we must remember that change is not the end, but only a transition. Like the sequence of seasons, we recognize that change is a cycle, a turn of the page.

    With Fall, we turn the page on CLSC. Our latest offering, like the season itself, stands a bit colder, darker and stern. For CLSC, change brings new direction, new influence, and in turn new product without forgetting who we were before.

    If you notice the change then we've done our job.











    Photography: Ron Castro & Sergio Hernandez

    Produced/Edited: Ron Castro

    Models: Amir Tillard, Jess Kier, Tashawn Davis, Ian Macdonald

    CLSC Summer 17 Lookbook

    Summer's finally here... the weather's warmer, days are longer and we're finding ways to pass the time. Some of them are stupid, but most make for stories that go great with a beer. As crazy as our memories of Summer might be, we often look back to those days as a simpler time, a feeling we tried to capture in this season's collection. Enjoy.