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    NEWS — clsc la

    Follower Fridays

    Were back with another Follower friday, we went through some of our instagram hashtags  #clsclife , #clsc #clscla and grabbed the best photos that have been posted and all of our supporters posting them!  It is an amazing feeling to see how many supporters we have. We thank you all! So keep those photos coming and maybe you'll make next weeks post!
    See who made this weeks cut below!

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    So unless you've been sleeping under a rock for the past few months you'll know that our Fall 15 collection has been one of our best seasons to date! Not only was it good but our first season with a full cut n sew line! But we are running low on everything in this collection, so don't miss out. You can still grab a few items from our online shop like our "Script" Beanie and "Classic" 3/4 Pocket Tees.
    So make a move and don't say we didn't tell ya!

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    Follower Friday:

    We get mad love via the insta. Wanted to say thanks by throwing some players up on the blog for spreading the word!
    Our homies over at Knyew Las Vegas honestly have one of the cleanest instagrams of any shop. Check it out HERE
    World Wide isn't something we just put on tees for shit's and giggles. Just ask the homies from Boastful Korea. Check out their instagram HERE.
    I would like to think that @Cassie knew she was standing in front of our art installation at Agenda Vegas. But realistically she probably just saw an epic opportunity for the 'gram. Fuck it though, we're glad she did it anyway. 

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    Where'd that come from?

    We are often asked what fuels the designs and where does our inspiration come from. Some designs are easier to answer than others but this week we'll focus on our pieces that take inspiration from some of our favorite movies. 

    It's easy enough to tell where the inspiration for our "PARTY ON" Tee comes from. Let's be real, has there ever been a time Bohemian Rhapsody has been playing in a car full of homies and everyone wasn't simultaneously head banging? Doubt it...


    Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver dawns the front chest hit of out "TAXI" Tee Although the image used was at the beginning or his murderous rampage in the film's climax you can't help but find some type of obscure virtue in the character's actions during his, "Here's a man who would not take it anymore" monologue...

    Last but not least, the "MARLA" Tee which takes inspiration from the closing scene of Fight Club. Little CLSC fact for you, at one point in CLSC history some of it's founding members split a quad of mushrooms and watched Fight Club in it's entirety. Needless to say it was a very strange time in our lives...

    Peep these and the rest of the Tees from our Fall 15 collection by CLICKING HERE

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